Announcing CultureAID Call for Artists


CultureAID (Culture Active in Disasters) is a collaborative network of stakeholders and service providers committed to strengthening New York City’s cultural community before, during, and after disasters through an organized communications system as well as coordinated activities and services to the field.

More information about CultureAID and it’s membership can be found here.

CultureAID’s primary function in times of emergency is to spread vital information to its members and broader network to assist the field. CultureAID is only as strong as its network is wide, and thus its primary function in times of calm is to spread the message about the network and recruit new organizations to join as members. To this end, CultureAID is seeking an artist, designer, or artist collective to develop effective messaging about what it means to be a CultureAID Member.

While CultureAID membership is free and open to all groups that have a constituency within the arts and cultural community of New York City, messaging around membership has proven to be a challenge: artists and organizations have difficulty recalling the network’s purpose and potential benefits, and members have difficulty recalling what level of engagement or participation is expected of them. Furthermore, as a network designed to be remembered, but primarily active in the event of an emergency, it is critical for members to know and retain key details on when and how they can expect to hear from the network.

Recognizing artists’ ability to creatively communicate, CultureAID is seeking an artist to develop a brief video, song, cartoon or other graphic(s), text or a combination thereof that can clearly, concisely and creatively accomplish the following:

  1. Communicate the network’s purpose and membership expectations
  2. Remind members of the purpose/frequency of network communications

The resulting work will need to be in a format that can be easily disseminated across all digital channels as part of CultureAID’s efforts to strengthen and expand the network’s membership base.

The start date of the project is March 31, 2017. Shortly thereafter, select Steering Committee members will meet with the artist or collective to provide more information, ranging from messaging content to historical context to existing printed materials about CultureAID, to ensure that the artist has sufficient information to develop the project. After the initial research phase, the artist or collective will be expected to provide to Committee a concrete project proposal including concept and production plan. The final work is due by August 15, 2017, for release and public dissemination by CultureAID in September at its annual Members Meeting.

Funding in a total amount of $2,000 is available for the project as a consulting fee provided by Humanities New York (HNY). No additional funding will be provided.

The artist or artist collective will also have access to materials/supplies of their choosing from Materials for the Arts. More information can be found here.

Artists or artist collectives working in any artistic discipline are welcome to apply.

An artist or collective will be selected after review by a panel of representatives from CultureAID’s Steering Committee and other invited professionals. Applications will be evaluated on:

  • Clarity of vision for the process to make the work (if not the project itself)
  • Quality of and relevance of the applicant’s prior work and collaborators if applicable
  • Evidence of experience creating effective and memorable messaging
  • Evidence of experience developing work in collaboration with and for an external client

Finalists will be asked to interview with the panel prior to final selection.


  • Applications will be accepted from individual artists or artist collectives only (artists cannot apply for or receive funds on behalf of a non-profit organization or a for-profit entity).
  • Artists must be 18 years of age of older.
  • Artists must be residents of New York State.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2017
Artist Finalist Interviews: March 13-17
Artist Selection/Notification: March 24
Project Start Date: March 31
Project End Date/Deliverable Due Project End Date: August 15, 2017

This award reflects a contract for arts services; the selected artist or arts collective will be required to:

  • Provide complete W-9
  • Include funding credit and logos on and/all marketing and event materials, print and electronic

Interested respondents must submit the following application materials online by March 1, 2017 at 6pm using the form below.

Please address any specific questions about this call to: cultureaid[at]humanitiesny[dot]org

Application Form