Annual Meeting Highlights

As of June 2016, CultureAID has 93 members from every borough and representing every artistic discipline. During the Annual meeting members able to attend saw presentations from Maria Villafranca (NYFA), Beth Nunan (AFRNYC), Amy Schwartzman (NCAPER: Cultural Placekeeping Guide), and Shirley Levy (DCLA). The introductory presentation can be found here.

During the event, Kay Takeda (LMCC) lead a live walk-through of the phone tree, which introduced members to their CultureAID point of contact.
Concluding the event, Lauren Kushnick (NYCH) distributed $500 Resilience Grants to support disaster preparedness, sponsored by the New York Council for the Humanities. The winners were: Artists Volunteer Center, Exploring the Metropolis, Historic Districts Council, Malian Cultural Center and New York Live Arts.
Resilience Grant Winners 2016